2 Simple Tactics To Save Relationship From Unnecessary Issues And Also Marriage Crisis

The relationships in modern times have been influenced by the rate that the world is changing. It is changing more rapidly than ever. We are at a time where by change occurs all around. The majority of changes are fantastic. Only years ago the majority of people never get the opportunity to meet individuals from other nations. In the world today, even individuals from remote places are able to connect with individuals from other section of the world. If you are to open any facebook or other Web2.0 sites, often times you will notice in some way you are connected with individuals from diverse countries. It is very normal for individuals to meet and fall in love via internet. Although in the majority of cases relationships are formed offline, the quick pace appears to have its toll on us and marriage crisis is on the rise.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that divorce is coming down. That does not even include the numbers for those who are living together. This phenomena is not only exclusive to the western world but it is happening in the entire world. Why is this happening? It could be that the fast pace is affecting us. Technology, gadgets etc force us to always be on the go and multi task, there’s hardly any time left to appreciate things and be with your loved ones.

One of the ways you can use to maintain a long term relationship is to have a regular audit, just like what we do with our body. We take our care to service and our health, renew our insurance etc, but we never seem to make it a point to review how our relationships are. If you really cared about your relationship, then you need to take the time and make the effort to do something about it.

Techniques To Prevent Marriage Crisis

There is no need for sophisticated stuff for you to know the health of one’s relationship. You just need to do 2 simple actions. Although the steps prescribed are simple, they’re very effective. You simply have to do it once every 3 months. By consistently using this method, you will be able to maintain your relationship on the right track. The reason we use 3 months is that it is not an overly lengthy time. So you just need to expend a short while for each meeting. 6 months seem to be too much a gap as there may be many changes. You can modify this accordingly as you think fit.
1. HONESTY is the policy that you have to embrace in this session. It is not about being positive or negative. In fact, in this session you need to include both the bad and good things that are in your relationship. Share your thoughts on your relationship with your partner. It’s not easy and both have to be open and approach this with intention to help improve the situation and not blame the other partner. You can jot it down, doodle even sing or make a video as feedback to be viewed during the discussion.

2. Next thing to do is to have your partner share their HONEST thoughts on the relationship and on themselves. Of course you can let them start the sharing session. Whatever it is, make sure that both parties have the opportunities to share. If you don’t do this, then there is high possibility that resentment will start to build up. Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring any party in the relationship.

Employ those basic steps and you will discover that problems get fixed before they become big and sometimes there’s no issue at all since most issues are taken care of. The fantastic thing about this technique is that you nib the trouble at the bud.

Do it right and there shouldn’t be any big challenges that happen. For more information, subscribe to a Complimentary Newsletter on saving your relationship at the Save Relationship site.

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