5 Rules to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Talk to You

Before you continue reading this article, you need to believe that it isn’t too late to make your ex come back to you.  Feel it.  Never doubt yourself and know you have all the guts to make him love you again. 

Okay.  You want him to return to your life.  But, he doesn’t call you.  He doesn’t even speak to you.  Worst, he always ignore you.  The following rules will make you rescue the love of your life.  They will show you how to get your ex boyfriend talk to you and most importantly, come back to you.

Rule #1:    Don’t get too paranoid.  It’s usual if your ex doesn’t want to talk to you.  At least at first.  Take it slowly.  Finding the best time and opportunity to make him talk to you is crucial in this stage.   In short, don’t hurry.  Being paranoid at things will not produce any good outcome.

Rule #2:    Don’t flood his voice mailbox. Every time you’re doing this, you’re just widening the gap between you and him.  Going back to rule number one, DON’T rush things. Never ever flood his voice mailbox or his email.  Stop sending numerous text messages as it can {annoy|irritate] him. Even if you are in his place, you will also be annoyed.

Rule #3:    Stay connected but not too obvious.  There are ways you can do to reach out to him without making it obvious.  It is okay to send him one or two messages once in a while, or email him during important occasions.  You may want to extend your deepest regards to your ex when you see his friend.  Wait for his reply. I believe he will appreciate it most especially if he finds sincerity on your messages.

Rule #4:    Change your ways.  You might be possessing bad attitudes that he didn’t like before. Try to change the “bad” habits little by little so when the time comes that he sees you, he can notice that you’ve changed and he might get hooked to you again.

Rule #5:    Be gorgeous and regain confidence.  Get your ex to stop ignoring you by looking good.  Put some makeup and look as pretty as you can be.  Regain the confidence you once lost.  And see him coming back to you wholeheartedly.

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