7 Steps to Stop Infidelity

The steps to stop infidelity start with not putting yourself in a position where it can grow into something that threatens the sanctity of your relationship or marriage.

Sure, it’s hard to resist it when the opportunity presents itself and thoughts of having sex with someone different often fill our fantasy minds but knowing how and when to leave it to the world of fantasy is another story.

In this article, we’ll look at six steps to stop infidelity and this applies to both men and women.

#1. Keep your private thoughts to yourself. Airing your “dirty laundry” in public is a recipe for attracting the wrong kind of attention. It’s a natural inclination to seek advice from others but the truth is, this can create a path over time to infidelity. Trust your private thoughts to those you know who care about your relationship.

#2. Not spending enough time with your partner and spouse can eat away at your commitment to each other. Do things together on a regular basis and fight the modern day temptations where work can take you away from each other to just make excuses because you’re too busy. If you stop paying attention to each other remember, others will.

#3. Avoid spending too much time with one person in the workplace. The work environment is a breeding ground for situations of infidelity to take place so avoid them the best you can. Spending a lot of time with the same person other than your spouse can lead to temptation.

#4. Intimate thoughts should only be shared between you and your partner. Thinking you are helping others out at work for example by relaying your own experiences can be a dangerous recipe for straying. People who are needy emotionally can be a trap so refer them to those who can actually help them.

#5. One way to test whether you are putting yourself in a situation that can be inappropriate to your relationship is to simply ask yourself whether the conversation you are having with someone else you’re becoming attracted to for the wrong reasons would hurt your partner. If they were listening to this conversation how would they react and would it hurt them? If it’s yes then you are “crossing the line.”

#6. Your relationship is not just important to you and your partner, it’s also important to those you associate with and support it. Remember, the choice is always yours and one of the steps to stop infidelity from preying on your relationship starts with you knowing where the line is and when to either stay inside it or step over it.

#7. Maintaining a happy sex life starts with breaking out of the mundane routine you can find yourselves in. It can play a significant part in preventing thoughts of being unfaithful and lead you away from that “line in the sand.”

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Author: JD Dean
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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