A Purchasing Agent Drinks In an Excessive Manner, Gets Alcohol Detoxification and Treatment for His Alcoholism and Depression, Ceases His Affairs, and Evades a Divorce and Post Divorce Difficulties

Stanley started drinking abusively when he was in the twelfth grade. From a positive perspective, even though he drank excessively and hazardously when he was an adolescent and a young adult, over the years he has been mostly a moderate drinker.

After he finished his education he eventually got a job at a local auto assembly plant where he worked his way up from stock person, to office assistant, to purchasing assistant, to purchasing agent. Unlike his other positions, as the purchasing manager he continually took existing vendors and potential vendors to lunch and to a variety of sporting events.

Although it was not an official part of his job description, meeting with existing vendors and potential vendors frequently involved situations in which alcohol was present. In point of fact, over the past eleven months, Stanley had started to significantly increase his social and his work-related drinking. This has resulted in a dilemma. More specifically, the more successful he became as a purchasing agent, the more heavily he began to drink.

His Almost Constant Feelings of Depression Also Made Him Question if He Was Becoming an Alcohol Addicted Person

In fact, it didn’t take much time at all before Stanley’s hazardous drinking started to affect his relationships, his mental health, the money in his savings account, his work efficiency, and his health. At one point, Stanley, if truth be told, started to get worried about his hazardous and irresponsible drinking and wondered whether his alcohol related issues were alcoholism signs. To make things worse, his almost constant feelings of depression also made him wonder if he was becoming alcohol dependent. In short, Stanley obviously needed to learn more about the facts about alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Stanley Needs Alcohol Detox and Alcohol Rehabilitation For His Alcohol Dependency and a Medical Assessment Regarding His Depression

So Stanley used his problem solving skills, called his doctor, and made an appointment for a thorough physical exam. A week later after seeing his doctor, Stanley unfortunately found out that he was addicted to alcohol. His doctor informed Stanley that he needed to get alcohol detox and alcohol rehab for his alcohol addiction and that he also needed to get a medical assessment regarding his depression. In a word, Stanley needed treatment for his alcoholism and depression.

The Positive News is That After His Treatment For Depression and For Alcohol Addiction, He Felt Like a New Individual

His family doctor recommended to Stanley that he take a 30-day leave of absence from work and get admitted into a quality in-patient alcohol treatment program where his depression could also be appraised and treated. This is precisely what Stanley did. The positive news is that after his treatment for depression and for alcohol addiction, he felt like a new individual. In point of fact, now that he was living an alcohol-free life he hardly ever got depressed and he now knew how to better manage his finances, his relationships, his job, and his health.

To no one’s astonishment, the most difficult “test” Stanley encountered was at the office. To be more specific, he still took potential vendors and his existing vendors to lunch and to various sporting events, but after his alcohol treatment he managed to refrain from drinking while entertaining his clients.

Interestingly, Stanley also found out that none of his existing vendors or potential vendors thought any less of him because of his non-alcoholic lifestyle. Alternatively, he learned that his existing vendors and potential vendors respected him for staying true to his convictions.

Stanley’s Better Relationships, Work Performance, Health, and the Better Finances He Experienced More Than compensated For His Love of Drinking

After Stanley went through alcohol treatment, however, he discovered that he was a person who, for whatever reason, could not drink in moderation or drink responsibly. In point of fact he found out the hard way that if he stayed away from drinking, all of the other significant parts of his life would be upgraded. Every so often, Stanley missed drinking, but the better work performance, relationships, health, and the better finances he experienced more than offset his love of drinking.

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