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Some couples spend a lot of time with each other on the weekends. Sports can also be a dominating factor int he household. Many women have to spend most of their married lives planning around certain sporting events. Your husband may not like the fact that he has to miss a big game to attend a family event. Most women resent sports because they don’t enjoy watching them with their man. This is why sports can destroy a marriage.

People don’t usually get married so they can spend most of their waking hours alone which is the case with a sports widow. Many husbands aren’t to blame nowadays however. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone would rather spend time alone watching sports than with the person they’re supposed to love.

Like with everything else, moderation is key, and it’s the same with sports. Even if both husband and wife love to watch sports, it’s best that it’s done in moderation to ensure a happier life. You can’t exactly say that you’re spending quality time together if both of you are sitting on the couch screaming at the TV. The two of you need to spend quality time talking and enjoying each other’s company in order for the marriage to survive. If you can’t even get them off the TV to have friends over, then the problem is even more severe. If this is the way you’re spending your married years, then you may begin to wonder why you got married in the first place.

This situation calls for moderation and compromise between two people to resolve. Start your marriage out on a positive note by discussing your spouse’s sports-watching habits with him. So that you’ll both be happy, it’s best that you agree to certain guidelines and stick to them. If it’ll be a problem, then you should only allow major events to be watched. It’s important to tell him about future apointments with occasional reminders. Make sure not to bug him when he’s watching sports you already agreed he’d watch. The time the two of you spend together will be better if he’s allowed his quality alone time. Doc No. hlsoehasl-sldhgt

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