Are You Ready to Lose Everything Over an Emotional Affair

Many people who are married choose to have friends with members of the opposite sex, as there is no rule to keep them from doing so. That said though, things can get difficult if the two of you become too close. Many friends end up getting involved in an emotional affair which opens the door to things spiraling out of control.

Don’t let the word emotional before affair fool you into thinking that it’s not too much to worry about. Emotional affairs can cause just as much damage to your marriage as a physical affair, if not more. If you start having an emotional affair, there’s nothing to stop you from eventually having a physical one with your friend. With you two emotionally connected, it’s very easy to really cross the line.

Having a physical affair with someone you don’t care about is incredibly wrong even if it doesn’t mean anything to you. You will find it much harder to walk away from someone you’re having an emotional affair with though.

If you work outside your home, then you will likely spend more time with your coworkers than you do at home. This type of affair can easily start in the workplace. It is definitely very easy to cross the line as two people become friends and get ever more closer to each other.

They start sharing their feelings with each other and relying on them for support. Once an emotional affair develops, your spouse will stop being the main person you go to for advice or support. It’s never a good thing when you start talking to your friend more than you actually talk to the person you’re married to.

As time passes, the risk of crossing the line will only get bigger. It’s very common for spouses to stop talking to each other in these cases, as you would now have your friend there to listen to you. This would undermine the sanctity of your marriage as you will become less intimate with your partner.

Although it isn’t against the rules for members of the opposite sex to be friends when one or both are married, it can be very difficult to avoid letting your friendship turn into an emotional affair. If your spouse knows about your friendship, then it will be much easier to keep things under control. If you’re keeping your friendship a secret from your spouse and other people, then it shows that you have something to hide.

You would continually be lying to your spouse. Even if you aren’t having a physical affair, this deception is a form of betrayal. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your spouse lying to you about a secret friendship, then you should show the same respect. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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