Can I Save My Marriage? 4 Steps to Save It

Can I save my marriage? –   a troubled question  that I have often been asked , to which I always say yes , but but both sides must be commited to it . It is terribly  disturbing to me to see so many marriages that are under stress especially  when many  of them will end in messy divorces, divorce is not the only or necessarily the best solution. There are many answers to how to get your ex back

So the answer to your question  can I save my marriage?, it is really  up to you, and how you take it forward , only the two of you can  renew your commitment  to the  relationship and if needed  seek counselling.

Trained professional counsellors can help you  in lots of ways to save  your relationship , it is not an easy Edit this text but it is quite  straightforward . It is just means both  of you, occasionally  together, and at times  on your own , working towards a common aim .

I have listed my 4 themes  for you both to think about  and give your pledge to, this will allow you  to focus on how to get your ex back.

Number One

The biggest falsehood , I have found  concerning  marriages  is that all marriagesare  perfect, this has never been true ! When two people come together sooner or later  there will always  be trials and tribulations , I have experienced many myself . Mostly mine were relatively small , as I hope yours are, but some are so serious  they are likely  to break up  the marriage . It is in the nature  of nearly everybody to come to conflict, often concerning  the oddest of things such as the different way we each see things .

For any realtionship  to be a success you should  come to understand each other , and get to grips  with the fluctuations  life will throw at you, as a partnership . The key is commintment to each other , seeking excellence , which I can only imagine you would find in movies , will only lead to big disappointment . We all make mistakes and it takes team work for you both to get over  them, this certainly  worked in my case , you will then  start  to trust  that you can save my marriage.  

Number Two

Think before you speak – This is always the easiest  and at the same time the hardest thing to do, you both need to think before you speak, because if you do not your problems will grow .

This is particularly  true after a diificult day and I was exhausted , then I had to spend more time trying to make up rather than getting the sleep I needed.  Truthfulness  is always the most important part of speaking  with your partner, all issues and problems can be resolved if you both give honest  answers to each other’s questions.

Number Three 

Once  you have discussed all the issues and problems that are troubling your relationship, then comes the fundimental precept in any marriage COMPROMISE ! The ‘middle way’ which you must both work out and accept, it is give and take on both sides, take your time settle  one issue before moving on to the next .

There is no race  to get to the end, take it slowly, compromise  is sometimes not easy to reach but in doing so you will get nearer  to being able to save my marriage. In all the relationship issues  I have advised on, this has been the clincher , in getting couples reconciled .

Number Four

Please do not allow your relationship to get to the point  where you just let it go , you must fight to save your marriage. Keep working to find out how to get your ex back

The down side in the  few cases  where  nothing works out then divorce may be the only option .

If you impement these steps, slowly and with intergrity , it should stave off that divorce and at least gives you another chance and finally get the answer to the question – Can I save my marriage?

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