Cheating Spouse – Does Emotional Infidelity Count As Cheating?

When anyone talks about cheating and infidelity, what comes to mind is usually about your partner behaving intimately with another individual of the opposite sex, such as kissing, cuddling and having sex. What about emotional infidelity? With the convenience of online chat and online dating sites, it is not difficult for anyone to get emotional involved on cyberspace, so does that count as infidelity too? Definitely! You are talking about a cheating spouse regardless of whether sex is involved because being in a relationship with someone means you share a special bond with him/her and it is not just physical involvement.

When you are seriously involved in a relationship with someone, it is more than simply getting physically involved. You share your innermost thoughts, feelings and your soul with that special someone you have bonded with. As such, emotional infidelity is just as devastating or even more devastating than physical infidelity.

If you have a cheating spouse who is emotionally involved with another person, you can be share that he/she will not be as involved with you as before. Your spouse has taken away the attention and time rightfully meant for you for someone else. This sharing of bond with another person is emotional infidelity.

Instead of being the only friend and confidant to your partner, you have now become a stranger because your significant other has decided to share himself with someone else. You will start to experience freezing out which can be as devastating as having caught your spouse sleeping with someone else! Some might even start to blame themselves for the problems.

If you suspect that you have a cheating spouse who is emotional involved with someone else, just remember that it takes two hands to clap; it is not entirely your fault that he / she had start to stray. One problem that you might face is that emotional infidelity is not easy to catch because there might not be anything physical going on yet, though it might lead to sexual infidelity if not checked in time. It will also be very hard for you to gather evidence.

If you do indeed suspect that your partner is emotional infidel to you, the first sign to look out for is a sense of guilt. Take note not to jump the gun as it is normal for everyone to have friends of the opposite sex so it does not mean that just because your partner is talking a bit more to one person of the opposite sex or confide in that person, he must be emotional infidel to you! You will only become paranoid and might even jeopardize your marriage if you become overly suspicious!

If you found that your partner is deliberately hiding his/her relationship with a special someone, you should be more conscious of what is going on. If their relationship is innocent, then there should not be anything to hide about. However, if your spouse is emotional infidel, he/she will not want to tell you about his friendship with that person.

As mentioned earlier, emotional infidelity will most definitely lead to physical infidelity so if possible, stop your cheating spouse’s deeds before it get out of hand! Catching emotional infidelity is easier than when it has already developed into something more than that.

Beside a sense of guilt, becoming secretive, distant or even hostile towards you are all signs of a straying spouse. Look out also for suspicious emails, phone calls or text messages. It might not be easy to catch emotional infidelity but it can help you to fix problems early before things get out of hand. Be alert if your sixth sense tells you that something is not right and you might be able to stop your cheating spouse from straying before it’s too late.

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