Collapse of Marriages – Why?

The collapse of marriages is increasing by the day. Local divorce courts are filled with divorce cases. The high rate of collapse of marriages has become alarming and threatening to the family values of the society. Rampant divorce cases being witnessed these days are due to the neglect of traditional values of our society which abhorred divorce and revered the institution of marriage. Divorce was permitted only on very cogent reasons and when the marriage was considered irredeemable.

The influence of frivolous lifestyle which make it difficult for couples to settle common disputes at home seem to have taken root in our fragile society. Couples easily go to court these days to annul their marriages, even when they have children. And this they do without minding the effect of the divorce on the children.

The high rate of breakdown in marriages is mainly as a result of unfaithfulness by either the husband or the wife. Unfaithfulness in marriage has become common. Couples now see their marriage vows as insignificant, and consequently engage in extra marital affairs at will.

Breakdown in communication between married couples is another reason for collapse of marriages. Successful marriages are built on effective communication between the couples. Effective communication in marriage promotes love and unity in the lives of the partners. This requires plainness, sincerity and transparency. Secrecy should be avoided and matters should be properly explained to avoid misunderstanding.

Finances are another factor that leads to the collapse of marriage relationships. Mismanagement of funds by any of the couples arising from selfish or extravagant spending at the expense of genuine family needs is unwise. Marriage is all about agreement; finance management in the home can not be an exception. Couples should agree and plan on how to spend their money.

Lack of fear of God in marriage is similar to erecting a building without taking instructions from the building engineer. Marriage is a divine institution; God is at the head of it. Successful marriage is dependent upon following the guidelines of the instituter.


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