Dealing With Infidelity in Your Marriage – Can Your Marriage Ever Be the Same?

When you are dealing with infidelity in your marriage, you may be feeling a lot of mixed emotions. Anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion, and so many more. Is it possible that your marriage can last through this? There are many reasons for infidelity. If you know what the reason was, and are willing to give it another chance, then yes – your marriage can go on and can be a happy marriage again.

A lot of people think that infidelity only happens because of sex. That’s not true at all. In fact, a lot of ‘reasons’ for infidelity do not involve sex at all.

When a couple has been married for a while, they forget to tell their spouse how much they mean to them. Unintentionally, they tend to take each other for granted. After all, you’re married now – you don’t have to try to win each other – you have each other for life. Right?

This is one of the big reasons for affairs. When one spouse feels like they’re not appreciated, or not wanted anymore. When someone feels that way, they look elsewhere to find someone that shows them that. Someone who will make them feel that they ARE important – they ARE special – they ARE loved.

Humans are very emotional beings, even if we try to hide it. Feelings get hurt, and that leads to many different things. Spend some more time with each other. Not enough time in the day? MAKE time. Pencil it in, if you have to. Your marriage is more important than anything else.

When was the last time that you’ve told your spouse that you loved them? Or have told them that you appreciate them? (A simple, ‘Thank you, dinner was good’ or ‘You look nice today’ does more than you could ever imagine.)

Another reason for extramarital affairs is because one spouse doesn’t feel like the other finds them attractive anymore. Their ego gets hurt, so they ‘have to’ go and find someone that thinks they’re attractive. How can you show your spouse that you find them attractive? Simply by acknowledging them. If they get a new haircut or a new outfit, tell them that they look nice. Show them that you notice the difference. That will let them see that yes – you DO notice them. Even though you don’t show it all of the time, you DO still pay attention to them.

The last reason for affairs in marriage would be sex. Sex plays an important part in marriage. Intimacy plays a much bigger role. To be intimate, you don’t have to have sex. You have to touch each other. You can hold hands, sleep shoulder to shoulder, kiss each other, hug each other. All of these things will spark the chemical connection that the two of you share. Physical touch is as important to humans as water. If we don’t have it, we simply

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Author: Sabrina Werles
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