Do Younger Men Like Younger Women Today?

Do Younger Men Like Younger Women – The Facts!

Many of us probably know younger guys who like the older lady they say they have more experience and can hold good conversations, but do younger men like younger women? Well the answer is yes, we all like people of different ages and often for many different reasons.

You may not see or hear of younger guys liking younger ladies because they may think they get type cast or might be asked why that is but there really is no big deal about this. Many younger ladies like older men or even younger men that they will class as sugar daddies if older and toy boys if younger.

There may be several reasons for this though and it is a totally normal thing. The man may have dated older women and women around his own age and is now deciding to try dating ladies who are younger. It might even just be that he prefers a lady who looks younger or even acts younger.

There is essentially nothing wrong with that as long as they are both of a legal age for any activities they may want to get up to! Some people just like it that way and if a guy is young then he may well be finding his feet in the dating scene and trying to work out what type of lady is best for him.

It is only by experimenting that we find out what we like, the guy may find out after a few dates that he doesn’t like the younger girl and tries someone his own age or someone who is a bit older, he may even go for someone who is a lot older, each to their own I say!

Overall there are no rules when it comes to dating, you have to find the person that is right for you and who treats you well, this is regardless of age, sex, race or religion, just make sure to play safe!

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