Does My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back? How to Tell Whether or Not He’s Still Interested

Do you find yourself asking “does my ex boyfriend want me back?” but don’t get any answer ? Bear in mind that not all people can read others really well . You may not know it but your ex could be sending out subtle signals already . Look for the following signals to decide whether or not you should pursue your ex .

Is He Trying to Make You Jealous ?

Some people are not really good in sending the right message to someone they care about, unfortunately . Some men turn to the jealousy factor . If your ex seems to be rebounding quickly, flaunting his newest flame and really making a show of it when you’re around, this could have nothing to do with moving on . If your ex is mature enough, they won’t do this . An ex who is trying to provoke jealousy may not be mature, but they also want to see you react so they know you still have feelings for them .

Does He Talk About You All the Time ?

He most certainly still thinks about you a lot if he is always talking about you . He may not be directly talking to you, but you’ll know when you hear from friends about the stuff he’s been saying . Talking about you may make him feel comfortable or happy . Or it could be his way of getting information about you . This clearly indicatest that he is still in love with you .

Repetitive Name Saying

Does he say your name when he talks to others ? Don’t think that this is a simple case of accidental slip . Saying your name could give him that bubbly, excited feeling . This makes him at ease . If so, then he is definitely not over you yet . With time, you can be certain that you will be able to work out your relationship .

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