Exposed! Dating Sites Dirty Tricks

If you want to experience online dating then you should be aware of a few unprofessional tactics that some dating sites have been found to employ.

1. Showing False Member Profiles in Your Local Area

Some dating web sites detect your location through your PC’s IP address and then advertise several fake profiles, which are supposed to be  “members” in your locality. Enticing, yes, but unethical because with those fake member profiles you’ll be highly unlikely to meet those members inside.

2. Giving Free Memberships With Limited Functions

One favorite trick is to invite you to accept a “ totally free membership”. Yes, that’s correct. And yes it might be free. However once they have captured your personal details then you discover that the basic membership they offered you does not permit you to see much information in other members’ profiles, or may not allow you to view photos, or does not permit you to contact members in any way. What a lot of fun that’s going to be! Compare that to dating web sites that are truly 100% free dating sites.

3. Sending You Alerts or Emails From False Profiles

Here is another dastardly trick that some sites use and this trick works particularly well when combined with the limited functionality trick referred to earlier. Once you have your free membership with limited functionality, they begin sending you a series of messages notifying you that “ A member has sent you a wink” or “ Another member wants to meet you” or hook up with you.

Fantastic, right? No. Since you can’t reply unless you pay for a higher level of membership, and this is where things gets particularly dirty. You hand over your membership fee and golly- talk about unlucky timing – the potential person of your dreams has just turned off or removed their profile. A coincidence? No. In some cases it’s simply a well-organized scam operated by the site to get you to upgrade your membership.

And that’s just a few of the unethical tricks that some sites get up to.

So if you want to try out online dating go for it. There are some excellent opportunities to meet some wonderful and interesting people online. Just don’t get scammed by any of the dating site’s dirty tricks.

And always remember, not all online dating sites are out to cheat you.

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