Failing Marriage? Tips on What to Do About it

There are quite a few different reasons why a marriage can end. Some couples don’t even know where things went wrong since the changes can be so subtle over time. By the time they figure out that there’s a problem, they’re already headed to divorce court. However, if you’re more astute about watching your relationship for clues that things are working the way they should be, you should have time to remedy the problem and heal your ailing union.

Many couples have a problem when it comes to real communication in their marriage. Do the two of you argue or disagree a lot? Miscommunication is a form of arguing. Your spouse may perceive your words differently even though you feel you’re being clear. Even if you think you’re right about certain things, you should make a commitment not to argue with your spouse any longer. The more you argue, the farther apart you two become.

Lack of romance can also destroy marriages. You’ll have to admit that romance was the catalyst that got your together in the first place, but the feelings can go dormant if you don’t work on them over the years. Other obligations will start taking priority over your intimate time together, things such as jobs and children. Romance may take a backseat because you’re just too tired for it. When this happens, you know your marriage is falling apart. This is something that can be fixed fortunately. Start initiating romantic contact with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Even if you get little response from your spouse to start with, keep on with your efforts, and they will eventually pay off.

Don’t enter a marriage with unrealistic expectations either. You shouldn’t use other marriages to gauge yours. You should know that everyone is unique, so you can’t expect your husband to act like one of your friend’s husbands. If you set your expectations too high, your partner may not be able to live up to them. Instead of expecting more, learn to appreciate your spouse’s good points again like you did in the beginning. You’ll likely find that the love you once shared is still there to be built upon. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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