Get His Attention in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re crushing for the guy in the next cubicle at the job or someone you see at the coffee shop every morning maybe you are wondering how you can get his attention.  Many women come on far too strong and also this can  backfire for a few reasons. To begin with, you don’t want to look easy, if you and the crush ever do meet up you don’t want it being only a booty call.  One other reason you wouldn’t like to come on too strong is you could possibly just scare him away.  Every guy is different and several like strong women but few will like a pushy, overbearing woman, be ready taking it slow and be discreet.

As opposed to dressing in your skimpiest outfit you may want to try more subtlegestures cues to let him know that you’re interested.  While you do want to look great it’s it is critical that you don’t go too over the top with how you dress and just how you need to do your hair and makeup.  Again, you wouldn’t like to give him the notion that all you want is really a roll in the hay or that you earn some extra cash like a call girl.  You will be sexy and attractive without running around half naked.

Here are a few body language tips you can try to let him know you are interested, although not easy:

1. Whether both of you are together or just are actually within the same place concurrently, eye contact could make a large impact.  To get his attention  ( typically all you’ve got to do is examine someone for several seconds and they will ‘feel’ your eyes on them)  hold his gaze for several seconds, then coyly look away.  Be careful you don’t stare at him for minutes at a time because should you choose you’ll look like a loon and scare him off.

2. If both of you are talking, slightly lean in whenever you speak to him. Lightly touch him on the arm or back.  Just a light touch once or twice through the conversation sends him a definite signal that you are interested.  Again, don’t go crazy.  This isn’t about pawing the poor guy, it’s about a subtle seduction that any guy who isn’t a complete dork will pick up on.

3.  Don’t try way too hard. This rule doesn’t just apply at the way you dress.  Don’t laugh at his jokes until you think they really are funny.  Don’t gush over his homer in last weeks softball game.  Needless to say, it’s nice to seem interested and maybe a little impressed, but you don’t want to react like he just mentioned that he found the cure for cancer.  Men can smell phony a mile away and a lot men are going to be turned off by it.

4. Don’t fall for the cliched idea that all men want is sex. Sure men, and ladies, love a fantastic sexual encounter but as time passes and mature they become equally considering someone they might have an intellectual and emotional connection with too, in short they are looking for exactly the same thing women are : a best friend and lover rolled into one. Don’t just play up the sexual side, show him what a fun loving, honest, intelligent woman you are and he’ll be very impressed.

These simple tactics can assist you should you be trying to get his attention and may lead to a great relationship.


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