Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

 As the verse in the song says, “Breaking up is hard to do.” The end of a relationship is never easy and is sometimes a defining moment in
our life. And life is filled with moments and experiences and decisions.  Some bring pleasure, happiness and joy.  Some bring pain,
hurt, disappointment and grief.  But one thing is true:  If it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for.  If you consider your broken relationship worth fighting for and are willing to put in the effort to make it work, there is a good chance you can get your boyfriend back.  Here are some helpful tips to help you along that journey.

Look at yourself.  Look at what went wrong with your relationship and your part in that.  Admit your mistakes and shortcomings and learn from
them.  Remember to maintain your self-esteem. Do not degrade yourself by catering to your ex-boyfriends every whim just to get him back.
Bending over backwards for him or jumping through hoops to do his bidding won’t solve anything.  In fact, if you have no backbone he
likely won’t respect you and there’s a good chance you won’t respect yourself either.  Remember that you have existed most of your
life without him and your world will still rotate and revolve even in his absence.

Conversation is the golden key that opens many doors. After having thought about the issues in your relationship and identifying what
went wrong, talk to him.  You need to let him have his say. Be open and attentive and do not interrupt him when he’s talking about his
feelings and concerns.  Show him how sincere you are in wanting to make things work.  But also do not sacrifice your dignity if he’s just going to be rude and mean, having no intention of working it out but instead seeking pleasure in being cruel to you. 
No one deserves

Give it time.  It’s usually better not to just come out and say that you want him back as that will make you appear needy and weak.  Let time
takes its course and hopefully he will be the one to realize that he needs you more than you need him. Most guys have this mentality that
they want what they can’t or don’t have. They always love a challenge.  So if you really want to get your ex-boyfriend back let him think you’ve gotten over him and make him wish that he never broke up with you in the first place.  Always look your best and be positive.  A beautiful, self-assured independent woman is always attractive to a man.

Remind him of the girl he fell in love with.  Be the same person you were when he fell in love with you. Pay attention to those positive and adorable attributes you used to have, qualities he adored about you, and make sure they are not only present now, but stronger than ever.  Change in life is inevitable, so seek to always change for the better.

Maintain the friendship. Despite the fact you are deeply hurt from the breakup, try to be happy and positive and fun to be around.  No one
likes to be around a drag. And if you can still be his friend you will have more opportunities to work your magic and get him back in
your arms again.  Be there if he needs someone to lean on because things at work are bad or maybe his grandmother passed away.  Guys
don’t like to show emotion with each other but are usually more willing to show it with a girl.  Be positive and friendly. 
Do not go around complaining about him and his actions and acting like a jilted and bitter ex-girlfriend.

Always remember that in this life of endless battles, we have to be matureand sometimes the things worth having are worth fighting for. 

 No one said the fight would be easy either. 

Just work on being the best you that you can be and in time hopefully you’ll have him back in your life and in your arms where he belongs.



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