He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not: How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

Do you {sense|think|feel] someone’s chasing you at school or at work?  Do you have a officemate who used to joke on you?  Have you received a card from anonymous guy?  Is your guy friend that protective?  Well, it could be that somebody likes you and you just are not aware.  But if any doubt gets in to your mind, below are some signs whether he likes you- or he likes you not:

1.    Catch the killer’s look!
As the old line goes, “you’re eyes are the window of your soul”.  Well that’s definitely true.  Catch his eye contact and if he quickly snaps away then you really got his attention.  He wouldn’t look at you if hadn’t. When you’re both at the same crowd, he seems to stare at you often and quickly.  When he’s telling something, he gets to look at you as if waiting for a rely.

2.    Take heed of the distance
If he likes you and he’s a {shy|timid|diffident| type of person, he hardly over gets nearer you but makes every effort to stay nearby.  You’ll see him afar in your place of work or somewhere you may be. He tends to pass by you every now and then but doesn’t say or confirm anything. 

3.    Meet Mr. Nice Guy
He likes you if he does surprising things like offering you his seat, asking you to join him for lunch and is always there to save you like a super hero!  He gets so nice that even if he hates animals, he appreciates your pet.

4.    Watch out for the cold hands
Some guys tend to become tense at first.  Observe his approach and the way he talks to you.  If you’ll just touch his bare hands you’ll feel how cold it is!  A guy likes you if he can’t say words without stammering and he rarely looks at you. Some guys tend to get thunderstruck.  Notice the way he deals with others as compared to you.  If he talks often to other people and speak seldom to you, it can only be two things: first, he really likes you, or second, he just doesn’t.

5.    Check the body language
He’s really so into you when he wants to stand or sit beside you.  He rests his arms on your shoulder in the movie house, and won’t move away his legs when it touched yours.  He stays as close as possible and does extra touch. Unless he just loves to flirt with girls, this means he truly likes you.

Now you know whether he likes you or not.  The next step would be to know if you like him too or not.

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