How Can You Tell If Your Husband Wants a Divorce?

Virtually every single couple will have highs and lows in their relationship. Fighting between couples is absolutely normal. By the next day they’ll be over their disagreement and going on with their happy marriage. Other times, however, these arguments can be indicative of major fissures that are forming within the relationship, and these can be serious if they aren’t addressed. There’s a fine line between the two, and you need to be aware when you’ve crossed the line and need to get serious about saving your marriage. Exactly how are you supposed to know if your partner has already started giving some thought to getting divorced?

It certainly isn’t a good sign if you notice that your significant other chooses not to spend much time with you at all and even leaves whenever you come around. Maybe you’ve tried to get him to sit down to a serious conversation about your relationship only to be rebuffed. Can you even get your partner to listen to anything that you have to say or are you just tuned out completely? When it comes to warning signs about divorce, then this type of behavior is definitely one of the main ones.

Is he just ignoring the problems between you instead of being willing to face them head-on? It’s possible that he’s trying to goad you into becoming so frustrated that you’ll take control and seek a divorce instead of forcing him to make the first move in that direction. Your husband they simply dismiss your attempts to ask him how he feels about getting divorced. None of this behavior bodes well for the future of your union.

It is also common for husbands to stop coming around the house as much as they can. Even if your husband has valid excuses for spending a significant amount of time away from home, you may still be able to tell that he just doesn’t want to be around you too much if at all. He will come home as late as he possibly can. When he does come home, he’ll have reasons, like activities with friends, that will take him away from you again. When you realize that your marriage is in a lot of trouble, you will definitely feel the rift that has developed between you two.

Simply knowing a few signs that your partner is thinking about getting divorced won’t be enough to save your marriage, but it can prompt you to go to a professional counselor to help.

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