How To Spot If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

For some time now you have been aware that something different is going on with your boyfriend, but you can’t quite decide what. Something in his behavior just doesn’t add up. Possibly it is all in your head, or maybe you are actually correct. There are some telltale things that will spearhead you in the right direction. Ask yourself the following questions:

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1.    Just recently has he been finding less time with you?  If there is another woman, it may be that he is putting off things to do with you, to be with her.

2.    Does he act the same when you are both together?  If his manner is stand offish it is possible that there is another woman.

3.    This can also be true of how he seems when you are out in public, or if he avoids going out in public with you to start with.

4.    Does he keep his phone messages secretive? Hiding the phone from you or turning it off when you are around are possible indicators of this. On the phone to someone else, notice how he talks. Is he avoiding saying much, it could be that he is endeavoring to cover his tracks from the both of you!

5.    Is he more strongly argumentative than before? He may feeling guilty for his behavior and rationalize it to himself by being critical, or alternatively, he may be finding you less attractive than his new interest.

6.    Has he sprung to the defense of other adulterers?If he defends these men where previously he never did, he may be assuaging his guilt.

7.    Has he bought you a different perfume?This may be a sly way of making sure he doesn’t get caught out with someone else’s perfume on him!

8.    Has his own look changed?He could have changed his grooming habits or begun wearing a totally different style of clothing. It may be that he is dressing to please her tastes and not yours.

9.    Has your physical relationship become different?It might go either end of the spectrum. He may suddenly have an interest in things he never had previously or he may just not want to have sex at all.

10.    Are there any different pieces of jewelry that you haven’t noticed before, which he has suddenly taken to wearing? A new chain, for example, could have been given to him by the other girl. Many men will keep using their personal items and never shop for new ones on their own.

11.    Does he only wear new, immaculate underwear? No matter what sort of a slouch he ordinarily is, he is probably going to clean up his act if he’s embarking on a tryst.

Trust your own intuition on these things, without being unnecessarily worried. Significant differences in style, grooming, personal effects and behavior are often an indication of an affair. A word of caution though, get your facts straight before wading in with the accusations or it may be the end for your relationship!

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