How To Stop My Divorce

Divorce is definitely so common and prevalent.  It seems like people find it simpler to get a divorce than a marriage.

Divorce truly hurts.  No one can tell the end of the pain the parties go through.  Most afflicted for a long time are the kids, if there are any.  With these truth ahead of you, you start to consider “What would be the ways to stop my divorce?”

Here are three ways to stop a divorce.

First of all, make sure to mean it when you say that you have changed.  Just saying that you’ve changed without some effort in it is definitely not enough, especially if you are the one who made mistakes in the relationship.

It is not that fast and straightforward for your mate to have confidence in you again if you had affairs in the past.  Telling your partner that you are not venturing out with someone else anymore is not acceptable.  Tangible actions have to be seen by your mate.  For instance, permit your mate to have a regular checking to keep an eye on your whereabouts.  Explore the options of having a job nearby if your current job takes you away on trips most of the time.

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Besides affairs, other things may ruin a relationship. There may need to be some cutting off on the wife’s financial practices for instance, and she must learn to avoid credit purchases and use cash instead.  Or the husband may need to change his work habits and have a commitment of spending quality time at home each night.  The heart of the issue is this, what makes a difference most in your life?  If your response is your marriage, it’s time you make some moves towards preserving it.  Take note that this isn’t just words.  More than your words, he or she needs to see some action.

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The next thing you need to do to stop your divorce is to refrain from blackmailing your spouse emotionally.  Love is definitely NOT sufficient in saving a marriage, you must recognize this.  While in the middle of an argument, don’t say “but I love you”, it will only create more fire.  Relating those words at inappropriate moments will cause your mate to respond by saying “I love you, BUT…” Through this, the emotional tie between you might deteriorate.

The potent message of “I love you” should be used when you have already reconciled, never during a heated fight.

The use of guilt or logic will not help in attempting to alter your mate’s mind.  Arguments like these will only start a never-ending routine.  By trying to win, you have lost already.

Lastly, don’t even attempt to win an argument.  Argumentative abilities and logic are most often used by people in order to prove that their partner in wrong and that they are right.  Since we are not into officially scored debates, these strategies will certainly not work in a marriage where feelings are involved and not facts.  Try finding a remedy, instead of arguing.  Once your spouse mentions a fault in you, try to find a constructive way to improve yourself, instead of reasoning back.

Are you finding a solution to the concern of how to “stop my divorce?”  Following this “stop my divorce” article will be your great start.

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