How To Tell If Your Ex Still Loves You – 7 Undeniable Clues

So you just had a breakup. Interested to find out how to tell if your ex still loves you? Well, if you still care for your ex, these indications might prove useful in your quest to get him back. Or if you need that importantinformation for something else other than retribution follow-through this.

I know. The agony of losing someone you love can take months or even years to end. You live like this. Stop and act now. Knowing if he still loves you is the first important step to get him back.

1.Your ex is is still single
Even if the cause for the breakup is third-party related, your ex’s new romantic relationship didn’t click some reason. One the reasons might be you. It didn’t measure up to being better than his/her relationship with you.
If your ex is not in relationship since the breakup there is 90% possibility that he/she still loves you. Remember, even if your ex is responsible for the breakup, love doesn’t go away that easily.

2. Your ex will communicate with you

No matter how much time it takes. Without making effort on your part, your ex calls you. Genuine attention in talking to you without purposeful diversion when the talk comes down to the breakup is a sign that he/she still cares.

3. Finds a way on seeing you

Now you’re really getting lucky at this stage. If your ex doesn’t love you anymore why meet up with you? It’s very uncommon that your ex, for some ruthless reasons, shows up just to tell you how right he/she was of breaking up with you.

4. Will try to get close with your family
This shows sincere concern. Your ex knows that he/she will be a criminal in the eyes to your family. This suicidal action to be with your family is a sure sign that he/she still cares.

5. Talks of good things about you (a lot!)
Very {rare|uncommon|unusual does an ex talk of good things about you to friends or even to total strangers after she/he dumps you.

6. Becomes deeply emotional when someone talks about the breakup
Even if years have passed and your ex still cries about it, if not for any painful reason, is a indication that he is still in love with you.

7. Feels jealous if you’re with someone else
As sure as the sun rises your ex is still in love with you. He/she will put up a fight and compare herself/himself to that person your with.

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