How you can win back your Ex Girlfriend

So you’ve lost your girlfriend and really regret the loss.  What can you do about it?  Can you get your ex back?  Well the short answer is YES, but you’ll have to work at it.  Yes, but it won’t be easy.  If she left you it was probably because of something specific – drinking, drugs, habits, cheating – or because her emotional needs were simply not being met.  A woman will typically leave a man for different reasons than a man.   Usually, unless it’s an extreme case, a man will leave a relationship that has become stale, non-sexual, clingy, or overly controlling. 

That’s the simple truth.  If she left you and you weren’t beating her up or subjecting her to extreme mental cruelty, then there’s a chance to get her back. However, you should answer this question first.  

Does she really care about you?  If she truly loves you then you should proceed – but not until you answer the real question that must be addressed.   What changes will you need to make and are they real?   If you were always out drinking with the guys – can you give that up or tone it down if that’s the key to winning her back.  If yes, then proceed.

What works for most guys is a double-edged strategy that includes both a genuine but casual show of interest on your part, combined with a super-sneaky tactic that will have her dying to get back with you – it’s called SRO – Standing Room Only – or showing her how many women are interested in you now.  It means that your make yourself so irresistible that she’s the one doing the wanting.  It is the ultimate get ex back strategy.

It sounds illogical but it is true – most of us want what we can’t have.

Here’s what you need to let her know, directly or indirectly.   One, you’re a changed man who now values a real relationship.  Secondly, this is not a secret at work and women now see you as a real catch.  

These two things – working together – will place you in the most advantageous position of all – being seen as a great catch and being seen as something she can’t now have.  The effect of these two combined is truly incredible.  She will actually feel that she helped you to become the great catch that you now are – and bummed out that she doesn’t have you. 

If you can play this out and keep your cool the stage is set for the final act – a casual get together requested by you – with her.  You must be seen as a new guy who’s pretty satisfied and proud of the guy you’ve become.  This will work to reignite the flame and she will then be open to ‘dating’.  Bingo, you’re in and you CAN have your ex back.

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