I Am Still In Love With My Ex Boyfriend And I’m Not Sure What To Do

Do you still have feelings for your ex? Have you been searching for help with your unsuccessful relationship? The only real methods to deal with being broken up with by your only love are to either get over it or get them back.

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If you are thinking about the first option, the assistance you need will be based on the quality of your relationship with him and how bitter an experience the break-up was. There will be more time and emotional support necessary if the break up was a drawn out, mentally disturbing experience.

Making sure that you’re doing alright yourself is the initial step when it comes to any break up, but if you are still in love with your ex then this step is even more important. Go easy on yourself when you ponder the choices that were made and you may now be having doubts about. You should not rehash things, but calm down and realize that everyone is human.

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Remember that you need to make sure you are okay after this relationship, spend time on yourself and don’t worry about what your ex is doing now. You must look past your continued affection for them, and recognize that they must care for themselves.

You can even go so far as seeking professional help if you believe that you require assistance getting over your relationship. You are in a state of emotional vulnerability, and it is advisable for you to regain control of your emotions and restore your self-esteem as soon as possible.

In the situation in which you have decided that you want to try to win your love back, you will not only have to employ some of the tricks mentioned above, but you will also need to ensure that you are utilizing some sort of strategy to get them back.

Go through the  post-break-up process as previously outlined, primarily dealing with your own feelings of misdirection and lack of self-esteem, and speaking with a professional counsellor if you need to; don’t even think about your former boyfriend until you have healed.

Once you have gotten to a firm emotional place, it is appropriate to get in touch with your ex. Request that he meet you in a neutral place. At that meeting, you should tell them how you feel but avoid crying or being too emotional. The best way to go about it is to tell them that want to give the relationship asecond chance. Allowing your ex to express their feelings as well will be helpful to both of you, whether or not you agree with what they think.

When you have done this, you should now allow them time alone to weigh what has been said.  The ball is now in their court. The result may or may not be what you desire. Reading this article doesn’t mean everything will go your way. Either way, you can know that you tried your best and there isn’t any reason to continue to be upset about it.

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