Information About An Uncontested Divorce

Norfolk Virginia divorce lawyers manage many different types of cases, and the facts connected with each situation are unique to the married couple that is taking part in the proceeding. Within the commonwealth of Virginia there can be both uncontested and contested divorces. The difference between them is not only whether or not all sides would like to get divorced and consent to the permanent ending of the relationship. The specific conditions of the divorce may either be contested or uncontested as well. A contested divorce happens in the event the parties do not reach an agreement on the conditions. The issues of contention range from child custody along with support, distribution of possessions and property, spousal support, or some combination of the above, and these types of scenarios can be very problematic.


But when partners are able to arrive at an agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the divorce, the situation is regarded as an uncontested divorce. This makes the situation easier to deal with for all concerned, but it can require a good amount of legwork and accurate processing in order to make the agreement legally binding. In the state of Virginia divorce lawyers that are working with a couple involved in an uncontested divorce will usually set up what is called a PSA or property settlement agreement, and this is normally done even before the official filing has been introduced to the court. It should disclose the terms and conditions of the divorce as well as elucidate the arranged distribution of previously shared assets. Child custody, visitation, and support specifics may also be reported at this point.


VA divorce cases will be greatly simplified should the husband and wife are in agreement with regards to the split itself, place no specific blame on the opposite party, and come to an agreement about factors pursuant to the children and also the division of possessions. However, very few laymen know the way in which the divorce courts function, and you’ll find a great number of particulars that should be dealt with so that you can make certain that all the arranged conditions are acknowledged by the commonwealth. A divorce case is not going to be a tremendous amount of fun, but an uncontested divorce can often be attained with much less emotional stress, leaving each party satisfied and free to move on with their lives.


It will always be advisable to make contact with a qualified Norfolk divorce attorney if you end up engaged in a Norfolk VA divorce. The best divorce lawyer Norfolk VA will help you to understand all the things you’ll want to be aware of.

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