Italian Wedding? Then Don’t Forget Your Betty Green

A lot of Italian brides wear green before their wedding. Because it is believe that this colour will bring good luck to the newly weds. The colour green is very significant to so instead of the long-standing bridal tradition of wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, the colour blue is frequently replaced with something green. Green is also the symbol of fortune and fertility.

The veil is also very important in an Italian wedding. The veil was traditionally used to hide the bride from any evil spirit and the bridesmaids wore similar outfits so that the bad spirits were more confused. The colour green is very important in the wedding celebration so it is not uncommon to have green wedding cake, green accents, green gown for the bride and bridesmaids. A current modification to keeping the tradition alive was by adding a green brooch, sash, or accents to the dress.

Now, have you heard of Betty? This is a special dye for the hair ‘down there’. The award winning Betty products can lighten even the darkest hair with the safe ammonia-free and paraben-free formulation. Betty Hair Dye is available in several natural colours like black, brown, auburn, and blonde but if you’re an Italian bride, why not try the Lucky Green for the special occasion? Lucky Betty is a specialty colour that will fit this requirement perfectly.

In these modern times , you can be more fun and adventurous. Days before the wedding, you can easily apply the green bikini colour dye. It has a special no-drip formulation so it will not run on your sensitive area. It won’t stain the skin as the colour can be easily wiped off using a soapy washcloth.  You will never worry about the dye rubbing off even with perspiration, physical (or sexual) activity. Using Lucky Betty, you can be lucky not just before, but even after the wedding day! The colour can last up to five weeks.

When all the fun and festivities are over, you can easily return to your normal hair colour using Betty Brown, Black, Blonde, or Auburn. Unlike ordinary hair dyes, Betty can be used as often as you like, without any harmful side effects. Or why not try other Betty specialty colours? Betty Hair Dye is also available in Fun Pink, Malibu Blue, Sunburst Orange, Love Red, and Lilac.

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