It’s Really Not All Sex

Do you know how your ex boyfriend views love? Many women think that all guys are out for is sex. Although sex and lust is a big attraction, it really is not the reason men fall in love. A pretty face and a glimpse of cleavage can make him chase you, but it will take more to hold on to him. If you have had a recent breakup, to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to know how he thinks about love.

If his father had to work two jobs just to pay the bills and being constantly in debt might have caused his parents to argue constantly. A man that has experiences such as this will be very slow to make a commitment. In fact, if he feels himself falling too deeply in love he will run. This is what might have happened in your relationship. Another reason men need a break is being pushed and nagged. Being in love with a man that is slow to say I love you can cause you to become frustrated and you try to force the issue.

The most happy and long lasting relationships are the ones where you are best of friends as well as lovers. If your ex boyfriend told you he needed a break, you can show him that you are his friend by giving him the time alone to sort things out. During this time, you can be learning more about the things that interest him. If he likes football, learn about the game so that you can hold a sensible discussion about it with him. This way you become his buddy as well as his girlfriend.
After a few weeks of letting him see what his life is like without you, he will begin to miss you. That is when you should call him and after some small talk, make a few remarks about what you have read about his favorite team. Get into a discussion about their prospects in the coming season. He will be amazed and delighted and want to meet you for lunch or coffee to continue the discussion.

You should not stop there, you should continue to keep up on things that interest him. You will probably find that you enjoy being able to be his best buddy as well as his girlfriend.

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