Keeping the Love Alive (Relationship Advice: How to Prevent a Break UP)

It is ordinary for relationships to get low at times.  It’s natural for lovers to argue and fight.  It’s very natural for couples to reach that point where they think they’re relationship is no longer working.  However, ignoring these things can in the long run lead to break ups.  Ignoring misunderstandings, even how little they are, can lead to the end of your most {treasured|cherished|valued] relationship.

It’s not easy start all over again: finding another person you will love and will love you more.  Most importantly, it’s hard to run through a breakup. Imagine the dreadful depression.  So before falling to that kind of situation, you may want to know how to keep the love alive- and finally- how to prevent a breakup.

Bring Happy Moments
It is typical for a relationship to get boring at times, especially for long term relationships.  Of course, you had {enough|more than enough|sufficient] time getting to know each other and have talked about almost any possible topic before.  But a junk can be recycled to make a beautiful work-of-art. Just like in a relationship, we can always bring back happy moments.  Think of all your first times’- first time you met, you went out for a date; first time you kissed, etc.  Whenever you’ll feel like you want to give up, think of the old times.  When you’ve almost cried to have him/her right beside you.  if such thought bring back the chill, that means you’re still in love with your partner.

Make quarrelling fun!
There’s no problem not resolved through proper communication. Maybe you’re always fighting with each other that you almost want to stop the relationship.  If you still love your partner, you will want to talk to him/her and try to work things out.  Make solving your problems a little fun.  Write all the things you want to tell- thank you messages, hurtful things, etc.  in a piece of paper.  Ask your partner to do the same.  Then exchange papers.  You will be surprised of what you will read.  After knowing what the problems really are, both of you can come up with the best resolution for it.

Why not a “joy ride”?
Researches have shown that travelling can develop individual and family relationships.  Have an unplanned travel to make it more exciting.  Drive to anywhere.  Have some foods ready.  Get to enjoy the views while you both drive.  It will be a good way of talking about things you haven’t talked before.  Just make sure you car’s tank is full!

Sure you don’t want to end your relationship just like that.  Knowing these simple things can absolutely get you away from the worst situation: Break up.


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