Maid of Honor Toasts For a Modern day Wedding

Time was when ladies like children had been seen and not heard. These days, though, they’ve no difficulty speaking out and being heard. Maid of honor speeches given at weddings are 1 example of this trend. They’ll typically be given by either the sister of the bride or by a close friend. What she will say will depend on her relationship.

Sisters who give these speeches will almost certainly talk about their shared childhood. She is going to be the 1 who can remember the bride as the sibling that followed her around saying “Can I play with you?” She will bear in mind incidents at school or inside the residence that maybe the bride and her parents have lengthy forgotten. Such speeches will probably be extremely personal indeed. Added to that she is going to be the 1 who knows a great deal about the courtship of the couple and will possibly have something to say about that in her speech.

Other maid of honor speeches will likely be given by a close friend of the bride and will take a distinct slant. It might be that the bride met her husband when the friends were out on the town together. It may be that they dated in a foursome. Surely such speeches will usually speak far more about recent events than 1 given by a sister.

One factor such speeches will have in common is their best wishes for the happy couple. They will undoubtedly have helped prepare the wedding. They’ll have experienced the highs and lows of the months preceding the wedding. They might have had to calm the bride on occasions and they were possibly the ones who helped her choose her dress. These speeches will generally reflect all of the excitement of these preparations.

Maid of honor speeches are not given at each wedding. It could be that the bride does not want them or it may be that her sister or friend is too shy to give such a speech. When they’re given, however, they are generally humorous too as being slightly sentimental. That’s not to say that some bridal attendants don’t say it like it truly is and THEN there may possibly surely be a blushing bride!

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