Marriage Can Be Good And Divorce Is Usually Bad

Everybody is thrilled when a couple announces they are to be narried. Marriage can be good and divorce is usually bad and we all want to believe in the romantic dream of a wonderful marriage that lasts a lifetime. Sadly that often isn’t what happens and a few years down the line the marriage is over and divorce is the result. So, what goes wrong?

Marriage can be the most wonderful experience for a couple in love but as time goes by the enthusiasm for each other can slip away and sometimes there seems to be very little left to keep the couple together. It doesn’t have to be like that. Building a stong marriage between a couple who continue to grow and develop together can have a marriage that gets stronger as the years pass by.

Divorce is usually an ugly process that nobody gets any pleasure from, except perhaps the divorce lawyers who make  a good living from the legal cost of divorce.

Given that a good marriage can be a joy and a bad marriage leads to the misery of divorce we should all try harder to keep our marriage fresh and full of fun and happiness because we all benefit if we can achieve a happy and successful marriage.

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