Marriage Divorce Rates – Discover the Real Reason Why Marriage Divorce Rates Are So High

It’s a known fact that everyone around the world still gets married. Sometimes the first marriage didn’t workout, so they divorce and get remarried. No matter what, they haven’t given up on pursuing happiness through marriage.

So with so many people continuously striving to get married why is the marriage divorce rates so high right now? One reason maybe due to the fact that marriage has gradually changed overtime.

In the past a good marriage was classified by how many children you had, but these days we expect marriage to be a lot more. People generally want love, happiness, and deep affection in their marriage. Often times one or more of these expectations are not being met. 

The reason why divorce rates are so high is because these are very new and high expectations we have for a marriage. Regardless, if a husband and wife truly love each other they can overcome any expectations no matter how high they are. Whenever love is promoted in a marriage everything else will take care of itself.

Most people don’t put in the effort to make their love stronger. Married couples need to dig deep and make their marriage everything it can be. From the time your wedding bells are ringing to the last days of your marriage, you have to make a commitment to yourself and your spouse to improve your marriage.

Find the areas that need improvement and work on it. The amount of effort you put into your marriage will be rewarded with longevity. There are married couples out there that understand this and will never fall victim to these divorce rates.

At the end of the day, it is staggering how many people are divorcing at a high rate, but it’s much more astounding how many marriages last and live up to the high expectations of today.

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