Me A Bridesmaid!

All right! So my best friends has finally decided to get married and has set a wedding date and guess what…I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids . I’ve been waiting to be a bridesmaid for ever so I am ready to go. I started really thinking about what saying yes meant as far as work goes. After watching my sister go through wedding preparation with her friend I know it can be a bumpy ride.

I am certainly a shop-o-holic so I am very excited to go shopping and help her choose her dress. We are going to get started on it right away just make sure we can find exactly what she wants. I am also hoping that I will be able to find a personalized gift just for her as the bride. After really spending time trying to think of something on my own I jumped on my favorite search engine. There are TONS of fun web sites that have personalized bride gifts I never would have even thought of.

I really want to find a gift that represents our friendship . Thank goodness for all the ideas on the internet. It seems as though with all the different choices available my biggest problem is going to be picking one item to give instead of the half dozen I am in love with. She already has some nice jewelry to wear on the big day so I may search for something special to go with it. So many choices and only one bride to lavish them on!

The one gift that did catch my eye was the cosmopolitan travel bag , this is a perfect gift for my friend. I was also thinking about gettingpersonalized bridal party shirts, I hope she doesn’t find the too cheesy! And if her fiance doesn’t mind I’m thinking that a beer koozie wedding sayings would make a great rememerable gift for his groomsmen .

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