Over the Years, Gender Roles Have Changed in Marriage

When I was growing up in the 1950s, my family had a relatively unusual configuration when compared to other families during that time. During that time, most mothers stayed at home while the fathers worked, but my mother worked outside the home. I always felt a little resentful that I was the one who never had anyone in attendance at school programs, that my mother didn’t belong to the PTA, and that I was different than my friends, but I just didn’t realize that our family was on the cutting edge of where society was going. My mother was ahead of her time in wanting a career as well as a family and in redefining gender roles that had been set in stone for generations.

Society used to place a huge importance on family traditions that were quite sensible by nature. Men were physically stronger, so they assumed the role of provider. Since only women had the ability to produce children, they stayed at home and cared for them and the household. Many women were fine with this arrangement. However, other women weren’t fine with being placed in that role and wanted something different. Instead, many of these women performed their duties behind the scenes such as the intelligent Abigail Adams. Peer pressure played a far bigger role in their lives than their own sense of fulfillment did.

These years were particularly bad ones for women, especially when we compare their lot in life to that of women today. Men felt that they were superior to women since they were the breadwinners. The law relegated a wife to a position of servitude and obedience to her husband. Men owned all the property, and if the unthinkable should happen and a woman would leave her husband, she had no further rights to her own children.

As you might imagine, women started to feel rebellious in their given role in life and wanted to be granted equality with men. They felt that they were smart too and capable of succeeding in the world doing something other than caring for the children and household chores. Some of the braver women began to challenge the accepted mores, and the movement grew. Although the fight has yet to be won completely, there is a huge difference nowadays. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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