Positive Thinking: Can This Get My Boyfriend Back?

Thinking positively has long been looked to for getting going on any task or goal . The thought that removing } any negative thoughts or feelings about what you are working on will change the outcome or results achieved is not a new concept. However, can positive thinking be applied in order to get my ex boyfriend back ? It is something I asked myself after we had a falling-out that looked like it was going to become permanent.

What Are The Benefits of Positive Thinking?

If you look at the phenomena of positive thinking you might begin to believe that it is imaginable that good results should come from just thinking about what is possible versus what happened. I approached it with that view when I was thinking of ways to get my boyfriend back. I figured that if I just thought good thoughts that it would magically work and all would be well.

While positive thinking can take you a portion of the way to your expected result , there must be some reciprocation in order for a successful conclusion to be realized } . On one hand , I realized it had completely changed my take on the situation , and I shed all of the negativity from our past relationship. I began to look at my situation in a new light and other options appeared where I’d just overlooked them before.

On one hand , positive thinking can give you a new outlook whether or not you get back with your boyfriend or not. I realized that I was good on my own, and that while I wanted to see our relationship mend, I wasn’t invested to the point of no return in that happening. That is one true benefit of positive thinking that I hadn’t considered in the past.

As a result of the options conferred through positive thinking, I could approach the situation without having so much invested in being right and proving a point. I became more neutral and looked at the facts more so than the emotions.

Positive Thinking Issues

If you rely completely on positive thinking, it might cloud the issue as well. So, you’ll need to balance that with the realness of your relationship with your boyfriend. I wanted to use a cool head along with a positive outlook to get my boyfriend back. We had things that needed to be addressed, and using positive thinking, I could approach the subject without being overly emotional. In that space of clarity, I could address the problems that caused the fight, and look for ways to resolve them.

At the end of the day , utilizing positive thinking to get my boyfriend back concluded well . It afforded me a sense of calm , clarity to discuss our issues and we did resolve them. We continue to approach each other in this vein, and while everything isn’t solved; our relationship is much more on an even level due to the power of positive thought because of the postive thinking and the paradigm shift that occured because ot it.  .

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  • Nice article. First I want to commend you on using positive thinking to mend yourself and not just the relationship. You have made alot of good points in your article that I think others should really pay attention to. The first being that just thinking good thoughts alone will not change your situation. Positive thoughts are simply the first steps in a journey of positivity, you still have to do the work. I would also like to point out that positive thinking changes your outlook, not just your immediate situation, so you might find that what you wanted initially is no longer that important.

    Something else that is very important to note that was not mentioned in your article is that positive people are more attractive. So positivity is not just about changing your attitude its also about changing others attitudes about you.

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