Prevent Broken Relationship Grief

To be found are five stages to dealing with broken relationship grief , just as you will discover 5 stages to endure any emotional grief. Understanding where you are at and understanding that what you will be feeling are specifically just part of a natural (though painful) process will help you deal with your difficult time.

The initial stage is denial. This is when you convince yourself (or try to convince yourself) that your breakup didn’t really occur. And also this manifests itselfwhen your looking forward to the person to sit down with you at dinner or pick you up at the job. In this stage, there are often no tears because the reality hasn’t sunk in yet or you are not accepting as well as acknowledging your specific loss.

 The next stage is anger. This is directed on the world, at God (“Why me?!), at your ex and at yourself. With this stage you just want to get even with he or she otherwise you act on towards others who try to help you.

Then comes the bargaining stage. This can actually come before you split definitively also. Here is where you try and the ex back by making deals or begging whomever to find their way back. You could also be bargaining with God or some higher power during this stage. . . “In the event you bring him/her back to me, I promise I’ll go to church every Sunday. . .” This phase includes a great deal of pleading, wishing and praying for things to go back to normal.

The next step in working with broken relationship grief  is depression. In this stage you might feel extremely sad or completely overwhelmed with hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, feeling sorryfor yourself, and mourning. Here, any unacknowledged emotions have caught up on you and they’re in full force. So you see a new future than you may be used to seeing and feel defenseless and numb.

 Finally, and fortunately, you hit the acceptance stage. Here is where you accept the mistakes you have made and also the results of these mistakes. Here is howyou accept that the person is out of your life, or at best is not going to play in the same role as they have until recently. It’s important to observe that acceptance isn’t resignation. You are not giving up with this stage. On the other hand, it is only now that you can start to gradually build your goals ahead of you as well as leaving your relationship in the past.

 Sooner or later, you’re going to get to the stage in which you can appreciate what you have learned in this tough period. It’s also a good idea to get help or have a good friend that you can confide in regularly. Remember that you are not alone by any means and that you will survive, as have thousands of others when dealing with broken relationship grief  .

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