Relationship Tips – Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor

Being your friend’s maid of honor is a momentous honor and it is one of the most imperative roles of the whole occasion. As maid or matron of honor you will be extremely busy not only before but also during the wedding to make certain that the day goes off without a glitch for the bride and groom.

Before the Wedding

One of the responsibilities of being a maid of honor is to go to bridal shows and fairs and to go cake shopping or to help their friend or relative book a place for the wedding. Always go with the bride to shop for her wedding dress and the dresses for you and the bridesmaids. Make a point to shop early to allow time for ordering and alterations.

Offering assistance with choosing decorations, flowers or picking caterers is a good idea as well as helping with the seating arrangements for the reception. The busy bride might also need your help with addressing and mailing out the wedding invitations.

When the special day arrives, the maid of honor must assist the bride-to-be into her dress and do her hair and makeup if required. Before the ceremony commences, the bride might need a bit of time to herself so make sure that she gets it and that she is able to keep as calm and relaxed as she can.
During the Ceremony and Reception
Firstly, you should make sure the bride gets to the place where wedding will be held, assist her with her veil or train and make sure her dress remains clean. When the couple is exchanging vows, the maid of honor should be hanging on to the bride’s bouquet and making sure that her dress look perfect when moving around the altar.

During the reception, other than dancing with the best man and talking to the guests, the maid of honor should also get the bride something to eat. Get a plate ready for her or ask one of the caterers to keep a plate warm for her for when she wants to eat.

After the best man has made his toast, the maid of honor might want to say something too. While this is very touching, it is not expected. If the newlyweds will go for their honeymoon directly after the ceremony, help the bride change her outfit while making sure she has all she requires for her journey.

Finally it is very important to remember that the maid of honor should be there to provide the bride with the moral support she will need throughout this very busy, stressful yet special time.

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