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Nothing in the world is more pleasant and satisfying than a happy family, where you can share love and laughter with the ones you love. That is why the thought of divorce in any relationship must be banished from our mind and investigates ways to save any marriage from divorce. You can save your marriage from divorce, if you can pick up the wisdom available to all of us. Now is the time to get some simple save marriage advice.

A gentleman from Michigan had an idea for removing a tree stump from the backyard of a friend. He decided to use some dynamite he had stored away in his house. Dynamites are dangerous you know. It did the trick. The explosion turned the stump into an airborne missile that traveled 168 feet downwards before crashing through a neighbor’s roof. The stump opened a 3-foot hole in the roof, split the rafters, and pushed through the ceiling of the dining room.

If we are honest, we can see ourselves in the actions of the dynamite man. We have used explosive words and actions to try to solve our marriage problems, which only made things worse. We get action, but we leave much damage to our marriage in our wake. And before you know it your spouse is asking for divorce from the same marriage you were trying to save with your explosive words and actions.

We are not the first to let anger make trouble for us in our relationships with our spouse. It happened to Moses too. Moses, for instance, became extremely frustrated with the murmuring of his followers. Instead of speaking to the rock to get water, as the Lord instructed him, he angrily struck it twice. He did get water from the rock, but there was a problem – Moses had disobeyed God. Because of this, he could not enter the Promised Land.

Have you thrown dynamite into the foundation of your marriage and now you want to save your marriage from divorce? There is help for you. Did you struck your spouse on the face instead of speaking to the rock?

Anger, like dynamite, is explosive. Unless it is handled with wisdom and self control, it can do great damage to your marriage. Save your marriage now from anger and its side effects. Do not disobey God and miss the opportunity to enter the Promised Land of a happy marriage.

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