Save My Marriage – One Key Ingredient That You Must Build

Honesty is the best policy. This is also the same in marriage. One of the reasons why your marriage got into trouble and you have to cry out, “Please, save the marriage!” is when your partner discovers a truth you would rather not have him/her know.

Being honest is easier said than done. There are times when you want to keep things to yourself. Some of the things are downright difficult to voice out as you you’re your marriage will end if you if you if you do.

Why You Need To Be Honest

Trust is the foundation of husband and wife. Trust is the quality that glues both of you in your marriage. I have a close friend who complained to me, “How can I stay with him anymore? I can’t even trust him now…” It’s a long story which I’ll save for next round. She is not the only person using that word, I have many friends saying to me that without trust nothing matters anymore. So to support your love, you need to not only build but you need to maintain trust.

Since lying causes so much harm, it is to your best interest that you remain open and honest with your spouse. Even though it may hurt and it takes lots of courage, many people will learn to appreciate that. It is one thing to do wrong and hide it and another to admit the mistake and make an effort to fix it or make amends. In the short term, it looks easier and better to remain silent and sweep all the dust under the carpet. Remember, it is only a matter of time before someone finds out. It could explode!

You Need Discretion

Although in most cases, being honest is the way to go, I can’t make the decision for you. Oftentimes you need to make a call as to what should be shared. Being human can be very complex at times. There are so many different situations that you have to face. One thing bad about hiding the truth is that changing conditions may result in more heart aches. The worst part is the fact that is given to him/her through another channel may not be the actual facts, but because they don’t trust you anymore, it is very difficult to change their beliefs and perceptions of the event as well as of you.

I would like to share a few principles that I use in whether or not to share the events that happened. Which I hope will be helpful to you. These principles are – whatever I intend to share must be true, it must not be harmful to me or another person and it is done in good intention.

All three is taken into consideration and the intention part is very important. In some cases people do have bad intentions. There are people who are ready to spill the beans because they can benefit from it. I am sure you have heard this or even watched this in the television.

Basic rule of thumb, tell the truth when your heart feels very uncomfortable hiding it.

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