Save My Marriage – I Can’t Do This by Myself

People today have an unrealistic view of marriage, They believe “I feel so good being around this person and I never want that feeling to end.” In God’s eyes, marriage is not just a feeling, it’s a commitment.

Even among Christians, many of whom have been negatively influenced by movies,novels and pop culture to be guided only by how the other person makes them feel in other words, by getting goosebumps or butterflies in the stomach and totally ignore things like compatibility and clashing worldviews and you wonder how do I save my marriage?

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder-Mark 10v9

As Hank Hannegraaf (popular radio host) frequently says, feelings ebb and flow, one minute you might love your spouse and at other times, you don’t, often because of alot of stupid and trivial stuff, many times involving egos of trying to “win” the argument, you bear a certain level of resentment.

Marriage is a commitment, yes it involves love, but it also involves sacrifice of putting your needs and wants aside for the good of both of you, its (marriage) is not just a commitment of two people of the opposite sex, it is a commitment of a man, a woman and God.

Understand,that despite the abysmal divorce rate around the world, just because you may have a rocky marriage, divorce must not be your first option.

There’s that saying that Divorce is contagious “Our neighbors are selling their house,my co-worker’s wife is running around on him and now he’s going to divorce her as he can’t take it any more”

There are legitimate grounds for divorce that are biblically based like infidelity or violence,even so, each marriage is different as you have people in some cases with radically different personalities, not to mention the fact that men and women in general are so different in general.

So as you think how do I save my marriage and feel like giving up, it may be time to take some time to think before changing your (or your kid’s if you have any) life before you take such a potentially devastating step.

To save your marriage,you both need to be committed to not just “letting it work itself out”.

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