Save My Marriage Today Book Review – Amy Waterman

You can help save your marriage. These days, it has become more socially acceptable to get a divorce. And many times, it is only one partner who wants it while the other is ambivalent about it and would rather try and make the marriage work. The problem is that it takes the effort of both spouses in order to avoid divorce. To help save your marriage, you both have to agree that divorce is not an option. You got married for a strong reason in the first place – love. Think back to the “whys” that helped you fall in love and build on it.

Sometimes though, to help save your marriage, takes outside help. And that is perfectly all right. It is totally up to you and your spouse to employ any resources necessary to help save your marriage. These resources can come from a variety of places. Just know that you will have a higher percentage rate of success if both you and your spouse agree on what steps to take in order to help save your marriage.

Resource #1 – Self help books can offer some guidance as to which areas you may need to focus on to help save your marriage. There are a plethora of topics to choose from so take your time and find one that you both feel will help the most. Some self-help books focus on how to keep finance troubles from leading you both to divorce. Other books that might help save your marriage touch on infidelity, substance abuse, how children affect marriage, rebuilding trust and much more.

Resource #2 – Marriage counselors and therapists can help save your marriage. Sometimes, a third, uninvolved party is what is needed to serve in an intermediary role. A counselor or therapist brings a unique perspective to your situation which can help save your marriage. You and your spouse are too close to the situation and your feelings can cloud judgment and impartiality.

Resource #3 – If you are involved with a church, chances are that you can book a session with your clergyman or even request the assistance of a mentor couple to help save your marriage. Many churches have married established couples who serve as mentors for people just getting married as well as for those marriage partners who are having troubles. This option is similar to counseling or therapy, but it offers a totally different outlook. It just might give you a different direction in which to help save your marriage.

Resource #4 – The internet plays an active role for practically anyone who uses a computer. To help save your marriage, use a search engine to look for information regarding marriage as well as what you perceive your marriage problems to be. Read personal experiences of others through stories on websites and blogs. Learn from their mistakes and solutions. See if any of their situations mirror yours and perhaps “borrow” a few of there coping skills and solutions. What works for others may not work to help save your marriage, but at least you learn from those mistakes and perhaps come away with a different perspective on your marriage.

To help save your marriage, you will have to practice your listening and communications skills. In other words, make a commitment to the cause. You and your spouse are worth it.

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  • Janice says:

    Resources 1 to 4 really works. If you’ve seen the movie “Fireproof”, you’ll realized that getting into divorce won’t solve a solution. The man in the movie have made a very strong and willingness to change so that their marriage could be saved. In there, the most powerful forces the made them stay together is LOVE and trust to the LORD.

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