Save Your Marriage – Are There Good Enough Reasons For Doing So?

If you are going through a bad marriage chances are that you are looking for ways and means to from friends, marriage counselors or even the internet. With so many marriages cracking up all over the world, it is not surprising to find scores of suggestion and advices including things to do, how to plan, how to strategize and so on filling up shelves at the bookstores as well as the internet. While most would talk about deploying the most proven techniques to save your marriage no one really talks about taking the reverse course of action and think, whether at all there are good reasons for doing what you are trying to do – to save your marriage.

Marriage between two people is also a union of the mind as well as sharing of commitments and responsibilities that come with it. When things go sour, obviously there has something gone wrong at some basic levels. Of all the issues that upset the apple cart, some are easily identifiable as well as solvable too. For example, if the sourness in the marriage is due to a third person, you can either live with the idea or reject your partner. There is no question about how to save your marriage in such cases. Similarly, you can treat physical incompatibility largely through medical intervention. If this does not work, it perhaps hardly makes sense to . Nevertheless, issues linked to mental incompatibilities are more difficult to analyze objectively and solve to save your marriage. This is precisely the area where you need to sit back and think, whether at all it makes sense to take the initiative to save your marriage. Here are some pointers to think about as to why you should try to save your marriage:

– Are you trying to save your marriage because of issues like children, finances, insecurities about future, etc?

– Are you making efforts to save your marriage because you believe that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the relationship except that it has taken a beating caused by familiarity or negligence?

– Are you trying to save your marriage because your ego has been hurt?

– Are you mentally scared of loneliness that is bound to follow a separation and hence your need to save your marriage?

– Is the reason to save your marriage due to your feeling insecure?

– If the marriage has been for long, you know your spouse well by now. Are you sure that the differences responsible for causing problems in the marriage are resolvable?

– Do you think that both of you still trust the reasons why you came together?

– Do you still value the friendship of your spouse?

– Leaving out sex, money, children and security, can you write down five good reasons why you want your spouse back and save your marriage?

One can go on endlessly on this subject but you might have got it by now the importance of making your mind clear of mental debris and starting to thing afresh. Remember to save your marriage might be easy for short-term gains, but it might be difficult to keep your marriage, if the reasons to save your marriage was not good and strong enough. But like I always say… if you think it is wort to fight to save it, you should do it.

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