Saving a Marriage After Infidelity – If You Can Do Laundry, You Can Save Your Marriage

Infidelity in marriage is apocalyptic; one wrong decision destroys all the work and effort you put into the marriage. Saving a marriage after infidelity is more than starting over again, you’ve become the enemy and only with time and consistency can you slowly rebuild the shattered marriage. Fortunately, if you know how to do laundry you already have the tools you need to save your marriage.

Here’s how:

1. Go from room to room gathering all dirty laundry.

Going from room to room means looking at all areas of your marriage to get to the heart of the matter, the real reason that led to the infidelity. Each area might appear nice and neat; look deeper. Hampers may be great places to store dirty laundry, but you need to get everything out in the open before you can clean up the mess of infidelity.

2. Separate the laundry.

Before you can commence, you must sort out your issues. You may have to begin this process alone until your partner is ready to listen and start working on the marriage. If you don’t sort everything out, you could ruin what’s still good.

3. Wash and dry.

When you and your spouse are actively doing the work it takes to save your marriage after infidelity, be prepared. There will be a lot of agitation as emotions are involved and trust has been destroyed. The process will be emotionally, physically and mentally draining as you slowly earn back trust. The most important part is working to get all of the stains out of the marriage as quickly as possible, knowing that the memory of certain stains may always linger. Drying is the part where you straighten up. Stay away from temptation, put your partner first at all times, and do whatever is required of you to win them back.

4. Put away the laundry.

Just as it takes time and patience to fold and hang your laundry where it belongs, it takes time to get everything back in its proper place, but this is necessary to get back to the point where you can enjoy each other again. If you don’t heed this step, you may be forced to start the process over again, or iron the ‘wrinkles’ out. The wrinkles come from a lack of trust and the presence of doubt. As long as you have dealt with the dirty laundry and always put your partner and love first, you will have a great chance of saving your marriage.

Whether you are still together and dealing with infidelity or you are already separated and want to save your marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial!

Don’t make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your spouse. Find out what you need to do to save your marriage and emotionally reconnect with her or him again.

Author: Sharon Taibbi
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