Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?

These days, people are commonly sharing homes before they get married. It’s common to see people moving in together earlier these days, especially if they’re trying to save money every month. However, living with your future spouse before you get married is often a bad idea. If you’re interested in learning why, make sure that you keep reading.

A tough road lies ahead for couples living together before walking down the aisle. Studies suggest that many of these couples never go on to get married. If you plan on marrying the guy or gal that you’re with, then you should consider waiting until after you’re married to move in together.

Things may not turn out as expected even if you two do get married. There have also been studies to conclude that couples who stayed together before their nuptials ended up getting divorced at a higher rate than those who stayed apart.

Couples who shack up can up end getting married for many of the wrong reasons. Many just get married for the financial convenience. Since they’re already living together, they might as well. This is definitely not a great reason for two people to get married to each other.

People who stayed together before being married are usually more hostile towards each other too. Having more built-up anger is very common in these relationships. Either way, couples tend to be less supportive and have more aggressive fights in these situations.

Staying together before you get married can also lead to problems with the family. It’s common for parents to dislike this type of situation. If your parents have more traditional values, then you’ll certainly find this to be the case.

No one wants to be subjected to domestic violence of any kind. However, living together before you get married will increase the risk of this type of violence. Girlfriends have a higher likelihood of suffering sexual and physical abuse.

It may not be such a good idea for you two to live in this situation if there are children in the picture. Society has plenty of blended families nowadays. There have been several studies that showed abuse is far more common in these situations.

As you can see, it can be a mistake to live together before marriage, even if it makes financial sense. If you wait until you get married to move in, things may work out much more smoothly.Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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