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Are Emotional Affairs as Damaging to a Marriage as a Physical Affair?

Are you finding you and your spouse growing more apart day by day? Is this increased distance making it harder and harder for you two to connect? Maybe your spouse spends hours a day just staring into space or listening to music and refusing to communicate with you, or they could want to “sleep” an excessive amount of hours. These could be signs that your spouse is having an emotional affair. No, he or she isn’t seeing someone else, but they are conjuring up mental fantasies with another person. You can be caught up in a love triangle even if the object of his or her desire doesn’t know what’s going on.

Being unfaithful isn’t limited to just physical intimacy. It’s very common for people to start fantasizing about someone else. It can cause a lot of pain to your spouse and be very damaging to a marriage. They focus all of their energy on their fantasies and start to neglect their actual relationship, thinking the other relationship would be much better. Your mind is capable of incredible things if you let it wander off on its own. Creative types will cause even more damage to their marriage thanks to their emotional affair. Reality can’t even begin to compete when it comes to your fantasies.

Are your fantasies really worth disrupting your marriage over? Your spouse will know something is going on even if you don’t think so. The distance and lack of communication is there, and your spouse will notice and suspect the worst. Sad as it may be, you’re allowing your emotions to take control of your life and overrule your common sense. Having one of these fantasies with an imagined lover is no reason to give up your family and marriage Even if the relationship does become real, it could never live up to your expectations.

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