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Want hotter & steamier loving making tips with your man?

Looking for ways to give your man a thrilling experience in bed? Five simple ways to make your lovemaking hotter, steamier  & more passionate, changer’ id=’spin_19′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(19)’>starting tonight!

1. Pick the best position that he enjoys
Most  animal species uses the doggy style, which utilizes the rear entry, making it a natural position for humans to enjoy tool. Although there isn’t face to face contact, consider the many benefits. Guys often like this position as it give them full control.  This position makes it easier to stimulate her G Spot& by free up the hands, makes it easier to fondle your breasts, clitoris and sensual spots.and frees up the hands so they can fondle your breasts & other sensual spots. Your man will benefit from being able to have incredible deeper penetration( Be careful though, as deep thrusts could hit the cervix and be rather painful especially above average sized men).

2. Explore to find your man’s erotic zones

Men enjoy being touched sensually too. I call these hidden sensual zones Many people are just unaware, or forget, Don’t overlook as these areas on the body enjoy attention! Even though many of the erotic zones are obvious – lips, the inner thighs & groin, other hidden spots also, when kissed, caressed & stroked, can drive your lover wild& intensify their orgasm. Believe it or not, the ears, neck,scalp & the chest are really sensitive areas the enjoy being stimulated. Extend your stimulation and spend some time stroking & caressing those erotic areas, and watch the pleasure it gives your partner

3. Create a romantic setting
Do you think that men aren’t romantic or would not appreciate it? Think about this! Who doesn’t love a thoughtful & kind gesture?  You might think that making use of music, candles, incense or rose petals to create the mood for lovemaking is too “cliche.” But he just might think differently! Your partner will LOVE YOU for this. Imagine how touched you would feel if someone went to  the trouble to create a wonderful occasion for lovemaking,that you can cherish forever. Could it be so“cliché” because people enjoy it so much? Point made.


At first when giving a genital massage, use light gentle stroke that are irregular and tease. As you foreplay with your hand more and more, use 2 to 3 main strokes that your partner enjoys. Develope a good rhythm that your partner can get into, is the key to bringing your partner to orgasm with a genital massage.

5. Pleasure your man with more oral sex

If I had to give you one piece of advice to make your lovemaking perfect, it would be: learn the art of fellatio. It’s true, all me LOVE it.. Not only does oral feel great, it actaully requires trust& feeling comfortable to let somebody have their mouth down there. In short, it’s an important part of lovemaking and is often the main mind-blowing event.  Some, women often start fellatio by sucking on the penis first and over look starting with some playful touches and teasing. By adding this into the mix frst, will create a more powerful orgasm, as it heightens his anticipation. Try different techniques including your tongue to spice it up

About the author:   Michael Webb is the author of Blow by Blow: the complete guide to fellatio.
Unfortunately, most women leave men frustrated and disappointed after fellatio.  If you want to become one of the rare women who knows how to satisfy her husband orally, then check out Micheal Webb books – Blow by Blow.

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