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Instance Greatest Man Speeches – The Fundamentals Of A Best Man Speech

As best man you’ve got to make an address and now you are probably searching for example best man speeches.  In this article I’m going to try and give you the broad outline of a good best man speech.  Take this outline and fill in the gaps with unique events related to your friend and the bride to personalize it.  Remember though, that there is a fine line between good humor and bad taste.  Make extremely certain that none of your jokes offends.  

Starter tips to begin with:

Start planning your best man speech well in advance so that you are not pressed for time.  

Talk from the heart and truthfully share thoughts and experiences at any cost, do not make anyone in the audience uncomfortable.

It is OK to share a few humorous situations concerning the time running up to the marriage but make very sure you do not embarrass either the groom or the bride; remember a joke your chum enjoys when amongst the “men” may embarrass him in front of his bride.  Also keep under consideration that there are likely older and more conservative guests in the spectators.  

Treat the bride and the groom with the maximum of respect.
Your best man speech should be about five minutes.  Too short and you will not be ready to contribute anything to the events and longer, you will start boring your audience and lose their attention.  

Get hold of Example Best Man Speeches to get some good concepts.  

The basic outline of a good best man speech:

1.  If you are the first speaker, start by hospitable the guest to the wedding.  

2.  Thank the groom for trusting you with the responsibility of best man.  

3.  Compliment the bride on her beauty.  

4.  Talk about your relationship with the groom and this is an ideal time for a funny story about the groom, without mortifying him.  

5.  Mention some of the incidents running up to the wedding.  

6.  Now it is time to talk about the bride.  Keep it sincere and complimentary.  

7.  Conclude with a toast on the bride and the groom.  Make sure that your closing is straightforward and sincere.

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