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Overcoming Infidelity – It is Possible For a Long-term Relationship to Survive an Affair

Sometimes when people engage in infidelity they tell themselves that their marriage was so bad their spouse drove them to it. But that is never true. There’s always a choice, no matter how bad a marriage is, and infidelity is never the right one. It has a shattering, destructive effect on a long-term love relationship, even when it is kept secret. When the betrayed spouse discovers the infidelity they’re devastated. And whether discovered or not, an infidelity seriously damages the betraying partner’s integrity and self-respect.
Does the person who had the affair have to “come clean” to save the relationship? The answer usually is “Yes.” As in all other aspects of serious relationships, openness, honesty, and a lack of deceit are vital for long-term intimacy and relationship success.