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How Do You Know a Man is Cheating? Signs Of A Cheating Man

Signs Of A Cheating Man

I used to be a cheater. It may hurt my masculinity to admit everything I am about to say, but I think I owe it to women all around the world to say what I am about to say. Maybe it can help them avoid all of the hurt and pain that I caused others. The things that I am about to tell you may not apply to every cheater in the world, but they’re the same things that I did.

What always surprised me was how surprised women could get that I cheated in the first place. For a lot of years, I would be with someone and as it winded down move onto the next. Although, they knew that the relationship had started with cheating they always thought that it would be different for them. Ladies, here’s the truth – IT WON’T.

Men can change, but they have to want it, and that comes from soul-searching and being alone, don’t believe what a cheater tells you they have a lot of experience bullshitting their way out of situations.

My partner was never made a part of my social group. It was far too easy to have one of them slip about the gorgeous redhead I was with last week after a couple of drinks at the local club. If friends or family aren’t introduced to you after you’ve been together for awhile it may well be that you aren’t alone in having him provide affection.

How much depth is there in the relationship? My angle was to play the sensitive guy and make you feel like I fully understood all of the heartaches and pain you had experienced. This creates a false sense of meaning to the relationship. If your dates consist of a night of talking followed by lovemaking, or vice versa, you are being played. The true intentions of the man are sexual. If you’re ok with that, then you will both have a good time, but if not get out before you get hurt.

Dating sites can also be something you need to keep a careful eye on. If you’re in a relationship with a guy and you catch him on one of these sites, he’s not looking for a friend. Instead, it’s a fool-proof way to meet women outside of the social circle you’re both in. That gives him less of a chance of being caught. If you’re on one of the sites, you should be careful about the men without pictures on their profiles. You get more hits when you have a picture, it makes you wonder why any guy wouldn’t.

Even though I was with a few good women during my time, I still ended up cheating on them. That made me feel really guilty. I would do special things for her to make up for the cheating, from roses to massages. It really wasn’t happening to treat her right, though. I just wanted to get rid of the guilty feeling I had.

I hope that this will help you spot the signs of a cheating man. I have a lot of reparations to make before I can fully move along, but this is one step along the road to my making amends. Refuse to accept less than you deserve. You are a beautiful person and need to be treated as such.

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