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When a marriage is in trouble many couples turn to counseling in the hopes of reconciling their differences. Trusting that the counselor is an expert in saving marriages, the couple places all their faith (not to mention a lot of money) in the counselor’s advice and instruction, hoping that at long last the marriage will begin to turn around. All too often though, the counseling does very little good and the marriage doesn’t last. After my marriage nearly ended a few years ago, I stumbled on a secret that changed everything. You can save your marriage regardless of whether you have ever attended counseling.

I was shocked to learn that traditional marriage counseling only has a 20% success rate! Eight out of every ten couples in a recent study reported that the marriage counseling they received was no help to them. Couples who attend counseling have the same divorce rate as those who don’t. It doesn’t appear that most marriage counseling is very effective at saving marriages. I was anxious to find out why.

Most people who practice marriage counseling are trained primarily as individual counselors. In other words, their focus is on the life satisfaction and happiness of individuals rather than couples. These professionals simply added marriage counseling to their practice as an additional service that they provide. The model that they use in their couples counseling is the same model they apply to individual counseling and it doesn’t work very well for couples. Since their focus is on individuals, they believe that simply improving communication between the couple will improve the marriage. This isn’t usually the case. Often better communication just teaches a couple to fight better.

A model that focuses on the marriage rather than the individuals in that marriage has been far more effective. The problem is that very few marriage counselors work from this model and preach communication as the solution to the marital problems. Communication is rarely even the main problem!

In saving my own marriage, I learned to avoid the critical mistakes that nearly everyone makes. I learned to stop playing the blame game. I took the sole responsibility for creating meaningful change in my marriage. I learned what to do and what to say around my wife that began to change the dynamics of our relationship, and it worked even when she wasn’t doing anything to save the marriage! It’s a proven plan and all that is required of you is a desire to save your marriage and a willingness trust the process.

It’s all up to you! If you don’t take this action to save your marriage, then who will?

The solution I discovered has been so successful that it was featured on Dateline NBC and has nearly a 90% success rate! It works even when only one partner wants to save the marriage! And you can do it at home without spending tons of money on counseling that doesn’t work!

Visit saving marriages now and take a look at this proven plan that is 100% guaranteed. Over 60,000 couples were able to save their marriages by doing the very same thing that you will be doing. If they saved their marriages then you can too!

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All my best to you and your spouse!

Author: R P Smith
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