Though Worlds Apart: How to Make Long Distance Relationships Last

What makes every relationship works is not just time. But quality time. Bonding, dates, recreation, etc. No matter how couples share their cherished moments, the most indispensable thing is both of them are around for each other- physically around.

But the problem is you don’t just live for your partner. We need to prioritize some things- studies, family, career. Sometimes, it’s it’s difficult to stay with your lovereven though your terribly in love.

However- always remember that if there’s a will, there’s a way! So before you start loosing the relationship you’ve fought so hard to create, you need to act now. We usually communicate via phone- that’s wonderful. Nothing is more prescious than listening to your hubby’s charming voice. But there are may ways to reach him wherever he is in this world. And here are some ways:

• Tell him your status; Tweet him

Who doesn’t have Tweeter account? Everybody has Facebook? Well, what’s the use of these websites if not to make you closer to your love one in just one click! You can always post on his wall or send him messages if you can’t go on live chat. Send him cute photos or animated icons like the dancing heart, smiling teddy bear, love quotes, etc. It’s sure to make him smile.

• Seal it with a kiss!

Its kind’a cheesy but it’s more appealing than the customary way of calling and texting. Besides, it requires more effort, and the more efforts you exert, the more he will appreciate it. Wait- doesn’t forget to seal it with a kiss!

• How about an unexpected visit!

It may be a bit {expensive|costly] but it’s fair enough to see your boyfriend sometimes. Save some money and buy any gift and go visit your hubby. Take a week or so leave from work (depends on how far your partner is). Make sure to spend quality time together. Remember, nothing beats the time of being together.

If your relationship isn’t going better, don’t blame it on the distance. For a deeply in love person, distance is and will never be an issue.

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