Tips for Finding Your Perfect Your Save the Dates

Save the date cards for weddings are a near-must these days.

In fact, they’re among the primary things people think to do when their wedding date is chosen.

How come?

For a few reasons actually: Save the dates deter family and friends from booking the same date for another event — such as a vacation, reunion, anniversary party, or even another wedding. Of course, your immediate relatives would never knowingly choose that day for something, but you have no idea who else could be planning something with overlapping guests.

Save the date cards are also a great way to simply spread the word and steal your well-deserved spotlight for a few days, weeks, or months. It’s a no small thing. Enjoy the attention!

Before you get started, here are a few simple tips to consider.

Tip 1 – Buy Wedding Save the Dates ONLINE.

Yes, your nearby print house has undoubtedly printed their share of announcements for weddings, anniversary parties, formal engagements, and religious events.

But today, certain websites have a lot more experience, selection, options, and flexibility.

In all likelihood, these sites will also save you a lot of money as well!

Buying over the internet will also save you time paging through books and catalogs, and give you the ability to view dozens of unique and elegant save the date examples from the comfort of your home office chair.

And because it’s on the internet, your favorites are simple to show to others, for example parents and close friends for thoughts and feedback – instead of having to drag them into a store.

Tip 2 – Know What You Want? Consider These Options…

You have more options than you might think.

The first (and most obvious) option, is a conventional, professional card that’s designed just as a wedding invitation would be. Elegant and simple.

Next are photo cards, which allow you to insert a favorite image into the design. This is a terrific, customized option that lots of couples really like. Again, you will have the ability to choose from classic to modern designs.

There are also save the date magnets, which allow for essentially the same customization as standard or photo cards, but they’ll stick to the fridge as well!

Lastly, there are business cards! The look can be as professional as other options, only they’re considerably less expensive. You can even print wedding save the date business cards as magnets!

Tip 3 – Do it Soon!

For save the dates, the earlier the better!

As soon as you have your wedding location chosen and booked, it’s time to send out your announcement! The earlier you do, the earlier you’re heaped with well-wishes, but more importantly, the more likely your guests are able to attend your event. You’d be amazed at how many wedding conflicts happen… in good part because friends tend to be of the same age group and have spurts of weddings at the same time.

So look around, figure out what you like, and choose your save the date without delay. Get it over and done with so you can proceed to more important decisions like the food, music, and design.

Best wishes and of course, congrats!

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